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Remove any and all Pure water [Either H2Pro or Ionic] cartridges (Unscrew caps and remove filters) VERY important to do this BEFORE starting to run antifreeze through your system. Place filters inside or somewhere warm. Replace caps on filter housings after completed.

Winterizing your Generation III System

Please note each system is configured differently and instructions may differ slightly from system to system.

1. Completely remove all the bleach solution from your system and rinse entire system out with water.

2. In the bleach and water buffer tanks place 5 gallons in each tank (10) gallons of RV-20 antifreeze (the hose reel and hose will hold up to 5 gallons, so you will need 5 gallons in each tank.)

3. Run the antifreeze through the system pushing all the water out of the valves, pumps, and hoses.

4. Now take valve 4 and place it in the “Spray” position.

5. Place your gun in the tank after all the clear water has been pushed from the hose reel and recirculate the antifreeze through the reel.

6. Place the SOAP metering valve pick-up tube in the bleach tank and allow the metering valve to pull all the water or soap out and into the hose reel. Spray line while you are recirculating the reel in step 5.

7. Make sure your entire system has the colored antifreeze in each and every line that is visible.

After you’re Finished: Remove 12 VT pump from Blend Cabinet – Put inside or somewhere warm. There is no reason to risk this pump when it is so easily removed.

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