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HomeNewsWhy You Should Use Our Softwash Chemicals Over Intense Pressure

There’s a big market for exterior surface cleaning. People want their homes to look nice, as it boosts curb appeal, increases home value, and protects exterior surfaces from all kinds of damages. If you’ve chosen to enter the exterior cleaning market, you should know that there are a few different types of exterior cleaning methods, the biggest being soft washing and pressure washing. Soft washing relies on special chemicals rather than intense pressure to eliminate the stains and grime that accumulate on outside surfaces.

Softwash chemicals are preferrable to pressure washing. They’re more effective at eliminating dirt and grime. Plus, they’re gentle, so your clients won’t have to worry about their surfaces being damaged. While pressure washing can be helpful with concrete driveways and sidewalks that can withstand the pressure, you don’t want to accidentally damage the siding or roof of your client’s home, so be sure to use softwash chemicals rather than pressure washing on these more fragile surfaces.

Here at SoftWash Systems, we offer a variety of different softwash chemicals that you can purchase for your soft washing business. Our chemicals are proven to be tough on outdoor filth and grime without damaging surfaces. Your clients don’t want their homes or businesses to get damaged when you’re trying to clean them, so reassure them of the reliable yet gentle cleaning power of softwash chemicals when you talk to them about exterior surface cleaning. If you need soft washing equipment or chemicals for your business, contact us today.

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