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HomeNewsWhen Is Using a Power Washer More Appropriate Than Soft Washing?

Cleaning exterior surfaces can be a little more complex than the average client may realize. Many homeowners and business owners assume that a standard pressure washer can handle pretty much any exterior cleaning job they need done. Soft washing is the preferred cleaning method most of the time. However, there are a few times where you may find yourself using a power washer rather than the soft washing method.

Using a power washer is typically reserved for flat and durable surfaces with stubborn stains or grime. Too much pressure can dent or warp more fragile surfaces, such as vinyl and roofing, but concrete driveways and sidewalks are much stronger and can usually handle the more intense pressure that comes from a power washer. While you can use soft washing on these more durable surfaces and still get good results, there may be times where stains and grime are too stubborn, meaning you may need the high pressure of a power washer to remove them. When debating between using power washing or soft washing, always be sure to consider how the surface you’re cleaning will be affected by the amount of pressure involved.

While we specialize in providing soft washing equipment and training here at SoftWash Systems, we also offer a power washer attachment for your truck that may be useful in some circumstances. We are happy to talk to you about what to expect from power washing or soft washing, so come talk to us today to find the equipment and attachments that you’re looking for.

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