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Picture this: you’re approached by a client interested in exterior house cleaning, but they haven’t quite decided whether or not this service is necessary. What do you do? Soft washing a home exterior provides many different benefits, but your client may only see it as a purely aesthetic-driven service and therefore may not want to spend their money on exterior house cleaning. It’s important that you help your potential clients know that exterior house cleaning is more than just a facelift for their home.

Here are some of the key benefits of exterior house cleaning to tell your clients about:

  • It removes health hazards. Contaminants such as mold and mildew may accumulate on the roofs and siding of homes. This poses a health risk. Mold and mildew spores can gradually spread into the home from the outside, but soft washing can help eliminate this hazard.
  • It deters pests. No homeowner wants to deal with pest infestations, so be sure to tell your clients that exterior house cleaning can help deter pests from their property. Pests and insects like to use the dirt and grime on the side of a home for their nests, but eliminating this filth causes the pests to look elsewhere. Additionally, softwash chemicals can break down nests and webs.
  • It protects the home. Filth can damage a home over time. Make sure to tell your clients that dirt and grime are not only an eyesore, but can also cause damages such as eroded paint or clogged gutters that they’ll have to pay to repair if they don’t take preventative measures like soft washing.
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