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Marketing Fund

SoftWash Systems Marketing Fund

Why Should I Participate?

  • Help make our network a nationally recognized brand in Multifamily market.
  • Spreading awareness about soft washing as an industry.
  • Get in front of top decision makers responsible for tens of thousands of communities across the U.S.
  • When everyone participates, we can keep participation rates extremely low.

Benefits For Investing

Being in-network provides many benefits of a “franchise” without the royalties, dues and fees associated with one. However, there is only so much national awareness we can create from chemical, education and equipment sales. This is where we can leverage the power of our network to do things like give away a Mustang at the largest Apartment Association tradeshow in the country, and benefit our in-network companies as a whole.


To participate in this fund in the past, a $2000 contribution was necessary for booth and the mustang giveaway to be possible. However, this year, Softwash Systems is stepping up to purchase the Mustang, allowing the fund to cover all booth and trade show expenses. This allows the contribution level to fall to just $500 per company. We need 60 companies participation to make this a reality.

Marketing Fund

100% Participation Rate

Based on preliminary conversations with in-network companies, we are hoping for a 100% participation rate from our Authorized and 5-Star Companies to keep the entry cost at $500 compared to the $2000 required last year.

Please send a check to address below or call into the office and we can take a credit/debit card for $520 to cover our Merchant Fee’s associated with accepting a credit/debit card.

SoftWash Systems
341 Specialty Point
Sanford, FL 32771

I hope together we can make this our best tradeshow to date!

Contact for questions about the Multi-Family Marketing Fund:

Brandon Vaughn

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