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Announcing the SoftWash Systems Leasing Program


At SoftWash Systems we strive to eliminate all barriers that could stop the growth of our network.  Don’t let finances stop you from tapping into the lucrative business of SoftWashing. With SoftWash Systems Leasing Program you can start building your soft washing business today.

Pricing based on:
+ $ 10,000.00 Down Payment
+ $ 10,000.00 Buyout
+ $ 1,435.00 Monthly Payment
+ 60-Month Period

It’s Never been as easy – Your Dream is now attainable for a single monthly payment.

* Price is excluding Tax and Tags Processing
* Price is subject to credit review
* Monthly pricing is based on a work truck model valued at $ 55,000
* Price is based on equipment valued at $ 35,569 with Bedliner and Vehicle Wrap
* Truck on this ad does not exactly match the example price.

Start your journey to success now!


This special offer is our gift to every member on the SoftWash Systems Network.

Simply fill out the accompanying form and our team will be contacting you shortly to further explain the program and its benefits to our tribe. Your designated leasing agent will be introduced and we will be guiding you throughout the process.

With SoftWash Systems financial solutions, your determination is all that it takes.

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