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The NEW Blend 3X Module allows you to relax knowing that a new employee can be fully trained on this machine in less than a week! The SoftWash Systems Blend 3X Module contains three metering valves that allow you to draw bleach and two surfactants into your soft washing solution at the same time. It also allows you to mix surfactants right at the control panel, without ever measuring or mixing them in a tank. The mix ratios can be changed on the fly, depending on which surface you are cleaning. This means no more walking around to the opposite side of the skid to change surfactants or to adjust mix ratios which may put technicians in traffic flow. With this technology, you will keep overuse of chemicals to a minimum. We recommend our 6-gallon soap saddle tanks be added to this module for ease of use, as well as keeping your soaps easy to fill and maintain. The time saver of not doing math or measuring chemicals are just one of the significant benefits of this new groundbreaking equipment. This machine can be configured as small or as large as you would like! We make all of our systems custom for your order, allowing you to receive your dream piece of equipment for you and your business.

Blend 3X

Never have to worry about soft washing from heights again! With our custom priming valve, you will be able to complete jobs at a significant height with no pump issues. The cooling fan keeps the inside breezy and cool, allowing all the internal wiring and pumps to stay cooler even on the hottest of days. At SoftWash Systems, we dream about putting you into equipment that will make your life easy! We think about each bolt and wire that goes into the system, so you don’t have to worry about any of the small details.

You may also want to build the system with a Rinse DC Module, a Pure Water System, a Pressure Washer, or all three! With the Blend 3X, you have the ability to start smaller and grow into the system of your dreams. Here at SoftWash Systems, we want to help you build your business through the best equipment, chemicals, education, and support, and we can’t wait to serve you!

NOTE: Blend Technology from SoftWash Systems should not be confused with downstream injection. Commonly referred to as “down streaming” by pressure/power washers, this process is the use of a venturi-style injector that draws a small amount of chemical from a bucket into the power/pressure washing line to wash exteriors. Though more chemical can be drawn and applied by using a larger orifice tip in the pressure washing gun, this downstream injector becomes less and less effective and has less and less of a draw the further one moves from the physical pressure washer, or the higher up wash. Additionally, many of these injectors only operate at a 10/1 ratio which is not strong enough to soft wash with.


The Blend 3X comes in two different sizes, with either a 50 or a 100-gallon capacity tank. This will allow you to carry as much as 100 gallons of straight (not mixed) Sodium Hypochlorite. The Blend 3X Skid allows you to choose your Lower Skid Size (26”, 42”, 57”, or 72”). This allows the equipment to be adaptable to fit in a truck, trailer, van, or box-truck.


Step 1

Turn the Bleach Metering valve to your desired percentage.

Step 2

Turn one Soap Metering valve to your desired percentage.

Step 3

Set the bottom valves to this pattern from left to right (Horizontal, Vertical, Vertical Horizontal).

Step 4

Turn on Power, and you’re ready to spray!



End-Of-Day Procedure


BLEND 3X™ matrix


Another SoftWash Systems innovation is the Aluminum Graduated Tank Strap. This proprietary technology allows us to secure our 50 and 100-gallon tanks to any of our LSU’s, and securely mount equipment atop of the tanks, saving valuable space, and building upwards rather than outwards. Again, these modules can be mounted either curbside right (US) or curbside left (EU). Up to four (4) tank modules can be mounted on any one system in various configurations allowing for optimal use. Modules can be added to your SoftWash Systems Cradle Skid that allows for more efficient and space-saving use of basic operations alongside soft washing, all neatly and safely within a single truck cargo bed.

Ready to take the next step?

SoftWash Systems understands how frustrating it can be to work with someone new with each order. That’s why we pair you with one sales rep who is dedicated to helping you every step of the way, each time you call.

Why Choose
SoftWash Systems Equipment?

At SoftWash Systems, we understand that there are many places to purchase your soft washing equipment. SoftWash Systems is well known in the industry as the innovator of new products and implementing them into our equipment and business practice, this allows for soft washing organizations to stay at the top of their game. Additionally, SoftWash Systems equipment is custom “made-to-order”, and is specifically designed to fit your budget and your needs, and have the ability to add, take away, or replace pieces as your company and needs grow.

 SoftWash Systems equipment is all built by a manufacturing company located directly next door to SoftWash Systems offices and warehouses. Because of this SoftWash Systems has the unique ability of direct, face-to-face communication between companies, in order to give each skid the attention it deserves. This partnership also means that there are multiple minds working on each skid, and that each piece of equipment that leaves the warehouse goes through a rigorous procedure for quality assurance.

The Foundational Design

Each SoftWash Systems skid, although completely customizable, has the same base foundation: our proprietary cradle skid. Each full skid that leaves our building features a Lower Skid Unit. Simply put, this means that the cradle skid is able to be mounted easily into a pick-up truck, trailer, van or box truck. In addition to a spray-in bed liner this design is made to keep water, overspray, and chemicals from collecting in the truck bed and seeping into valuable vehicle systems and parts underneath. Easy clean up at the end of day – simply neutralize, rinse, and you’re done!


A customer service agent can help you with all of your questions!

SoftWash Systems equipment stands out from the others:

Extremely quiet design!

Long gone are the days of a quiet neighborhood being ruined by loud machines. Our equipment is quieter than most household vacuum cleaners.

It’s battery operated!

Forget about power cords or refilling gas. Our designs use rechargeable batteries to keep you on the move. Reducing Fossil fuel emissions is one of our Good Stewards initiatives.

Park in a garage? No problem!

Our ladder racks are easily removable for when you need your truck to just be a truck. Forklift the skid out in winter, or at the end of your season easily.

Decide your specialty!

Our easily customizable skids allow you to design the perfect equipment for exactly your needs.

No math! Easy training.

Our equipment makes your life easier. When you purchase SoftWash Systems equipment, you are purchasing equipment that measures for you so that you can focus on the cleaning! No more “one batching”.

Sticking to a budget?

Because our skids are customizable, we are able to help you find a price that works for you. As your company and profits grow, our skids are easy to reconfigure and add to them! We help your skid grow with you!

A Legacy
To Uphold

SoftWash Systems created the soft washing industry. Because of this, we believe we have a responsibility to lead, innovate, and provide the tools for our in-network companies to succeed and grow. Our legacy fulfilled would be to look back and see that our equipment, chemicals, education, and support provided the catalyst necessary for small businesses and entrepreneurs to support their families and create jobs. We at SoftWash Systems know that leadership through innovation creates opportunity and fosters our legacy.

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